Wonderful new Wikia, I'd love to see develop and attract more Editors. 

To develop (Therefore attracting more people & who help develop more), We need content. So where should we start?

I'm thinking: 

Updated Getting Started page,

Cheat Sheet: Ores (which spoiler hidden Coordinates ( where did you find TIN??) ), Aswell as what levels & Biomes normally have those ores. Nodes Locations, village & Interesting points locations

Thaumcraft category with some explainations as we go. HOW TO DEAL WITH TAINT?

Machine page

Tips page (did you know the Crusher can split Ore into 2 dust that can make 2 ingots?) (have you used Bloodwood? It's amazing get a Sapling from Supllier Tree Bag !Warning they destroy everything below them when you plant them for oh say 20 blocks by 6 by 6. But then you can make Diamond level tools in the normal Tool forge.

Request page: What is the Silencing Block called?

Tinker Category: What is the best material for leveling tools, what are the other materials good for, how to make a smeltery, etc.