Biodome Alpha is the first of six habitable domes on the surface world.

Location Edit

Alpha is located on the Plains that make up the center of the land. Nearby scouting locations include the Forest to the northwest, the Swamp to the west, and the Plains, Lake and Jungle to the south.

Difficulty Edit

Thanks to its central location, Biodome Alpha is an excellent location to scout from. In addition to Alpha's Silverwood Tree, it has a small stream in the northeastern region to support farming. The eastern side contains a small alcove cut into the ground, starting a small mine. To protect new players from the Taint, the cavern is closed off with glass. It is recommended that players mine under the protection of the Silverwood Tree's pure node before venturing into underground taint. Prometheum, an alien metal that rivals copper and an important early game material, can be found underneath Alpha from a height of 50 blocks to 20 blocks.

As the dome has the only spawnable grass in the region, whenever you move more than 24 blocks away (including down), farm mobs will spawn in the dome.  Be aware though there is some taint sneaking under the dome, so if the mobs hang around the edges they could become tainted and attack you.

Around the DomeEdit

Directly east, up on the hill is a Tainted Hunter NPC.  His drops are rubbish, but he is annoying early game, when you are contending with taint poison and do not have any good ranged weapons or armour.