Getting startedEdit

Once you start your game, you have to select on one of the 6 biodomes. They are alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and omega. Alpha is the easiest for new players and then getting harder, as the omega, the hardest, is on the bottom of an ocean. The six biodomes are the only places where is not any taint, except from some of the rivers, lakes and oceans. You can choose your starting biodome aboard the jaded, there are 6 droppods leading to the surface, biodome Alpha is on the left and biodome omega's droppod is on the right.

Biodome alpha Edit

Biodome alpha is the easiest of the biodomes for most players. In the middle of the biodome grows a silverwood that keeps taint out of that biodome, like all biodomes have. Alpha's surface is made out of grass, and it is on grasslands biome. It also has little cave to start a mine, and little river to water crops you may want to plant. Alpha is also good place for scouting because it is in the middle of the continent.

Biodome beta Edit

Beta is in the southeast part of the main island of the continent. It is similar to Alpha, but it is in a plains biome, doesn't have the cave or river in it, and it has a tainted village nearby.

Biodome gammaEdit

Gamma is in the northern part of the continent and in the center of the tundra. It is close to a scout location and the ground is covered in snow.

Biodome deltaEdit

Delta is on the eastside of the continent right in the summit. Except for the colored clay around you there are a few dirt patches on the ground and there is water flowing down to the river. The biodome is very close to a scout location.

Biodome epsilonEdit

Epsilon is in the northern part of the desert located at the southeast corner of the main island of the continent. The ground mostly consists of sand.

Biodome omegaEdit

Probably the hardest of all the biodomes, omega is located between the tundra and the spires on the bottom of the ocean.