Boris Kellogg is the Jaded's ship mechanic. He is basically here to help guide players through the basics of Thermal Expansion and Minefactory Reloaded. Additionally, he is the only source of the inscriber plates (normally found within Skystone meteors) necessary to get started in Applied Energistics.

The Engineer questlines are unusual in that they do not unlock quests for any of the others.

Thermal Tech-upEdit

This questline is aimed at helping you progress through Thermal Expansion's tech tree. As renewable energy becomes more readily available *cough*, you'll find many of the machines in this mod to be invaluable. Note: All quests below are detection.

Name Mission
A Trusty Wrench2 +2 Show that you can make a Crescent Hammer using a Tin and 3 Iron ingots.
Invar3 +3 Make some Invar (1 Ferrous/Nickel to 2 Iron) to advance further.
Invar Armor +5 Make a set of Invar Armor. Note: This is very decent armor if you don't have Manasteel or Oureclase yet. Sadly, unlike most armors, you can't melt it back to ingots with the Smeltery.
Reinforced Glass +6 Make some Hardened Glass for the next tier. (Hint: Put some obsidian into the Casting Basin and pour lead onto it)
Enderium: The Final Tier +3 Make some Enderium dust. Ironically, despite the suggestion to make it using the Smeltery, they expect you to present some powder for this quest. (Make it then grind it?)
Heating Things Up +2 Create some Pyrotheum Dust (hardest part is blaze powder).
Enderium at Last! +6 Show them an Enderium Ingot (hopefully already done with the Smeltery!)


Modular and mobile storage is a must as you start exploring and looting towns. There isn't a quest for it, but you might consider looking in to the knapsack and the flower pouch. Note: All quests below are detection.

Name Mission
Carrying Stuff2 +3 Create portable storage out of 3 leather, 2 tin, and wool.
Portable Tanks +3 Create a portable tank out of 4 glass and 1 copper.
Bigger Bags +4 Upgrade your Satchel to Hardened with 2 Invar & 3 Tin Nuggets.
Bigger Tanks +4 Upgrade your Portable Tank to Hardened with 4 Invar.
More Storage! +3 Upgrade both your Satchel and Tank to Reinforced with Reinforced Glass (& some Invar nuggets).
The Enderium Revolution! +35 Upgrade both your Satchel and Tank to Resonant with Enderium (and electrum nugets). You'll also need to show them a Resonant Energy cell (i.e. by upgrading the one you got from the Supplier).


Not directly related to teching up and storage, the following tasks are here to remind you that Minefactory Reloaded and Thermal Expansion can help with saving the world. Note: All quests below are detection.

Name Mission
Rubber Science2 +5 Show you know how to get raw rubber. (Craft 8 Bitumen from the swamp or chop a Rubber Tree. Recommend the tree.)
Copper > Plastic +2 Craft some opaque Temperate Fluiducts (2 copper & lead).
Automating "Sano"... I guess.5 +2 Craft a basic Fluid Transposer and Rancher in order to automate milking of cows.

Other Quests Edit

These are some quests that that come in later. I think they're mainly to remind you of the presence of Applied Energistics and the CustomNpcs guns (and a way to use the bronze coins you find).

Name Type Mission
Crafting Guns1 Detect +4 Craft a gun from cobble, wood, and a stone button. Reward: 16 Stone Bullets
What good is money?6 Delivery +1 Exchange 64 Bronze Coins (from looting towns mostly) for a Bronze Ingot. Repeatable.
ME Networks4 Detect +4 Find both regular and charged certus quartz crystals. (Hint: Desert)
Hunt for Skystone Deliver +6 Exchange 4 Inscriber Presses in exchange for a stack of Skystone from one of the meteors in Blightfall (Erie Island, Desert, Plains, Spires).
Reward: Calculation, Engineering, Logic & Silicon Inscriber Press.
Come on. Really? Deliver -8 Trade a half-stack of Skystone and some reputation for an additional copy of the Inscriber Presses.
Reward: Calculation, Engineering, Logic & Silicon Inscriber Press.
An ME Network Detect +12 Build the basic elements of an ME Network (ME Drive, ME Terminal & ME Glass Cable) to prove you can.


Some of these quests are unlocked externally - in case you're having problems triggering a quest, look at the key below.


1Unlocked by "Stone Samples"
2Unlocked by "Mass Stone Sampling"
3Unlocked by "Sample Nickel (Ferrous)"
4Unlocked by "Prerequisite Techs"
5Unlocked by "Automation is What we Do"
6Unlocked by "Local Currency"