Supplier Request BagsEdit

When making requests from the Supplier you will get one of 4 different bags. The contents of these bags are completely random. In case you want to be surprised, I've left the tables below collapsed - click "Expand" to the right of each section to see the details.

Note: You can also get these from the Black Market for blocks of metal.

Sapling BagEdit

Not only is this the only way to get yourself some Rubber Trees for Minefactory Reloaded, you also have the potential to find nether-style wood. Bloodwood, for example, is diamond-level... with certus quarts or ghostwood then nether quartz or fusewood... you could tech up without ever making a smeltery!


Oak Sapling
Birch Sapling
Spruce Sapling
Jungle Sapling

Acacia Sapling
Dark Oak Sapling
Darkwood Sapling
Eucalyptus Sapling
Ghostwood Sapling
Maple Sapling
Rubber Sapling
Tigerwood Sapling
Willow Sapling

Amaranth Sapling
Blood Sapling & Netherrack
Fusewood Sapling
Silverbell Sapling

Slimy Sapling

Seed BagEdit

It is vital to get some variety of food in Blightfall, due to the diminishing returns added by the hunger overhaul. There are a number of fruit-bearing sapling that you won't be able to use properly until you either occupy multiple domes or expand out of your current one. Also keep in mind that oreberry bushes grow best in darkness.


Barley Seed Bag
Apple Sapling

Almond Sapling
Chestnut Sapling
Pistachio Sapling
Aluminum Oreberry Bush

Date Sapling
Olive Sapling
Peppercorn Sapling
Saguaro Fruit
Sunflower Seeds x32
Nether Wart & Soul Sand

Iron Oreberry Bush
Copper Oreberry Bush
Tin Oreberry Bush
Essence Berry Bush

Animal BagEdit

The creators of this mod took an extra step to make sure you didn't know what you were getting - so in case you really don't like surprises we've included a description of the egg as well as the tool tip item code.

Rarity Name Description Item Code
Pig Pink with Red Spots 383:90
Sheep White with Pink Spots 383:91
Cow Brown with Grey Spots 383:92
Chicken Grey with Red Spots 383:93
Spider Black with Red Spots 383:52
Slime (Large) Pure Green 383:55
Enderman Pure Black 383:58
Silverfish Grey with Black Spots 383:60
Blaze Orange with Yellow Spots 383:61
Bat Brown with Black Spots 383:65
Squid Dark Blue with Grey Spots 383:94
Wolf White with Tan Spots 383:95
Mooshroom Red with Grey Spots 383:96
Ocelot Yellow with Black Spots 383:98
Horse Tan with Yellow Spots 383:100
Imp Orange with Black Spots 4253
Heatscar Spider (Large) Red with Light Blue Spots 4253:1
Heatscar Spider (Small) Red with Light Blue Spots 4253:3
Blue Slime (Large) Light Blue with Dark Blue Spots 4494
Magma Cube Black with Yellow Spots 383:62
Witch Black with Green Spots 383:66
Villager Brown with Light Brown Spots 383:120
King Slime Blue with Yellow Spots 4494:1

Machine BagEdit

This bag... is a mess. There are so many possibilities that the odds of you getting what you want is 1/100 (literally). Despite the warning, there aren't any wrenches, but some of the "Disappointing" results are worse (15 gears of each metal, 17 Florbs, etc.) - and at -24 Mission Outlook or stacks of rare metals... it's not viable long-term.

Disappointing (0.73%)

Tuberous Flux Capacitorx8 (16/32k RF each)
Machine Frame (Basicx4)
Lumium Lamp x16
Radiant Lumium Lamp x8
Glowstone Illuminator x8
Portable Tank
Terrain Smasher
Glacial Precipitator (Basic)
RedNet Energy Cable x40
RedNet Cable x40
RedNote Block
Block Smasher
Lava Fabricator
Auto-Jukebox & Music Disc C418
Sludge Boiler
Weather Collector
Block Breaker
Item Collector
5 Upgrades: Cobble, Lapis, Tin, Iron, Copper
17 Florbs: Water x8, Milk x4, Mushroom Soup, Chocolate Milk, Liquid Blueslime, Lava, Resonant Ender

15 Gears: Iron, Gold, Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead, Ferrous, Shiny, Mana Infused, Electrum, Invar, Tinker's Alloy, Signalum, Lumium, Enderium

Decent (1.47%)

Leadstone Energy Cell (0/400k RF)
Leadstone Flux Capacitor x2 (80/80k)
Hardened Satchel
Machine Frame (Hardened) x2
Hardened Cache
Hardened Strongbox
Hardened Portable Tank
Machinist's Workbench
Aqueous Accumulator (Basic)
Igneous Extruder (Basic)
Sawmill (Basic)
Programmable RedNet Controller x4
Meat Packer
Deep Storage Unit
Veterinary Station
Safari Net (Single-Use)x6

Reception Coilx2, Machine Frame (Basic)x2, Plastic Sheets x4
Machine Frame x2, Pneumatic Servo x2, Redstone Conductance Coil x2, Redstone

Great (1.23%)

Hardened Energy Cell (2/2M RF)
Hardened Flux Capacitor x2 (400/400k RF each)
Machine Frame (Reinforced)
Reinforced Satchel
Reinforced Cache
Reinforced Strongbox
Reinforced Portable Tank
Energetic Infuser (Basic)
Cyclic Assembler (Basic)
Fluid Transposer (Basic)
Pulverizer (Basic)
Redstone Furnace (Basic)
Fruit Picker
Safari Net (Reusable)
Needlegun & Ammo Clips: Needles x5, Anvil, Fire, Lava, Shrapnel, Sewage, Sludge

Fantastic (0.98%)

Redstone Energy Cell (10/20M RF)
Redstone Flux Capacitor x2 (2/4M RF each)
Laser Drill, Laser Drill Precharger x2
Flux-Infused OmniWrench, Sickle, Bow & Fishing Rod (Empty)
Flux-Infused Sword, Shovel, Pickaxe & Axe (Empty)
Machine Frame (Resonant) x2
Resonant Satchel
Resonant Cache
Resonant Strongbox
Resonant Portable Tank
Tesseract x2
Induction Smelter (Resonant)
Autonomus Activator
Magma Crucible (Resonant)

Jackpot!! (0.73%)

Resonant Energy Cell (50/80M RF)
Resonant Flux Capacitor x2 (10/20M RF each)
Flux-Infused Helm, Chestplate, Leggings & Boots (Empty)
SPAMR Launcher, Tracking Rockets x5, Rockets x10

Other Bags Edit

Thaumcraft Treasure Bags Edit

Occasionally a Thaumcraft mob such as the Angry Zombie will drop a bag of loot. These contain things like diamonds and ender pearls which are vital for a starting player (assuming you survive the battle).

Detailed information about these bags can be found on the Thaumcraft 4 Wikia

Nether Ore Bag Edit

This bag is provided by the Geologist in exchange for 200 blocks of netherrack. In exchange, you get one of the 10 Metallurgy 4 nether ores.

Nether Ore

Sanguinite (Epic, Wither I)
Vulcanite (Extreme, Ignite II, make Blaze Rods)
Kalendrite (Alien, use w/Platinum for low XP alloy)
Alduorite (Use w/Ceruclase for Alien)
Ceruclase (S-Diamond, alloy has Poison II)
Vyroxeres (S-Diamond, Poison I)
Midasium (Diamond, mix with any powder to make gold)
Lemurite (Use w/Shadow Iron for Diamond)
Shadow Iron (H-Metal, alloy has Weakness II, Reinforced II)
Ignatius (H-Metal, combine w/Shadow Iron to make Iron)