Mystical flowers are components of the Botania mod used in Blightfall, and are in limited supply across the continent. There are 16 different types of flowers scattered across the continent, and Dr. Sprouse will help you find them if you complete the Paranormalist's infiltration questline. Each color has his own detect mission that will yield between 2 and 8 Mission Outlook.

Note: You will get credit for these missions by simply acquiring that color of flower. An alternative to physically locating all of the flowers is to produce them artificially. The Paranormalist questline will suggest the Thaumcraft solution (Thaumomorphic Botanist Essence), but there is another: Jaded Amaranthus. This flower requires 3 different petal colors (Lime, Green, and Purple - see locations below). Once those are collected, or produced via Thaumcraft, this flower can make all of the other flowers with a source of mana nearby.

Color Coordinates {x,y,z} Biome Additional Notes
White 1662,232,1316 Floating City At the highest tower of the castle, above the Tainted King.
Orange 1646,53,118 Iceberg Underground and surrounded with strong enemies
Magenta 384,71,1616 Plains In a tainted village
Light Blue 1614,159,1224 Floating Island Along the wall of the northeast quadrant
Yellow 882,70,1129 Grassland The marble shrine around the base of the tree
Lime 603,194,1997 Floating Island Surrounds a sinister node
Pink 171,66,1444 Plains In a tainted village
Gray 1012,142,2014 Eerie On the top of the tower, a tainted hematurge is inside
Light Gray 933,63,612 Mountain A tainted arcanist is next to the flowers
Cyan 1153,87,388 Tundra Surrounded by Punji sticks
Purple 74,192,168 Floating Island A tainted botanist is next to the flowers
Blue 981, 95, 1231 Lake Secret entrance in the waterfall
Brown 696,72,1694 Plains Inside the giant redwood
Green 728,69,1456 Jungle In the jungle town
Red 1553,149,818 Pillars Around the silverwood tree and blooms
Black 646,26,1307 Ocean Underwater and underground in an undersea lab.

Pure Dasies can be found anywhere in the world.

After you acquire two flowers of the same color, you can multiply them infinitely!

  1. Craft 2 flowers into 4 petals
  2. With your Pestle and Mortar, craft the petals into Floral Powder.
  3. Put the 4 Floral Powder in a crafting grid and add a Bone Meal (which can be requested for free with the Instructor)
  4. This makes 1 Floral Fertilizer. Click it on grass like Bone Meal and it will spawn 3 to 4 mystical flowers!

Or, alternately, if you have a pair of shears, you only need one flower.

  1. Plant a flower of any color in the ground, and bone meal it, turning it into it's large variant.
  2. Harvest the flower with shears. Attempting to break it without shears WILL destroy it.
  3. You can craft one large flower into 4 petals, and follow steps 2-4 above to multiply them infinitely.

This technique is useful if you have a severe surplus of bone meal, and want to grow your stocks of flowers more quickly. This fertilizer only spawns flowers of the color used to produce it due to a change in the mod by the creators of Blightfall.

Note: Floral fertilizer can be made with different colors, but it will only spawn 3 to 4 in total. To be sure you always have flowers, it is recommended to make a backup flower pouch and keep two of each color in there. If you ever run out of flowers, take those two and make some fertilizer a couple of times.