Passively Cooled Reactor Edit

Minecraft- Big Reactors Mod 1.7

Minecraft- Big Reactors Mod 1.7.10 Tutorial Showcase Review (Direwolf20 + FTB)

In Blightfall the only realistic way to start in to the Big Reactors mod is through the Supplier in exchange for 40 Mission Outlook. The main difficulty being that Yellorite Ore is Alien-level.

The supplier gives you everything you'd need to put together a basic reactor like the one in the video.

As it'll be quite difficulty to get more fuel initially, you'll definitely want to adjust the control rod or deactivate the reactor when load is low. Having a reliable source of energy can be useful in getting an Applied Energistics system operational or possibly setting up some of the Thermal Expansion and Minefactory Reloaded machines.

Botania can eventually provide a source of RF energy as well to supplement this.

Actively Cooled Reactor Edit

Feel free to add information about this. You'll need diamonds and a great deal more fuel and other materials.