The Continent Edit

The Blightfall Continent

The Continent is the map upon which Blightfall is played. It is a large landmass with a number of smaller islands surrounding it, and its surface is almost completely covered in taint.

Clean Map

Maps Edit

From top to bottom

Starting Map

100% Clear Map

Biome Scanner Map

Zones Edit


The map is divided into 24 different zones by the bio-scanner, and each is represented by a badge, shown on the right. These zones are:

  1. The Swamp Bay
  2. The Arches Bay
  3. The Northern Sea
  4. The Southern Sea
  5. The Eastern Sea
  6. The Western Sea
  7. The Desert
  8. The Pillars
  9. The Arches
  10. The Mountains
  11. The Magical Forest
  12. The Eerie Island
  13. The Forest
  14. The Plains
  15. The Swamps
  16. The Jungle
  17. The Savannah
  18. The Mushroom Island
  19. The Floating Islands
  20. The Iceberg
  21. The Archipelago
  22. The Volcano
  23. The Taiga
  24. The Tundra