A ship capable of interplanetary flight, The Jaded is the vessel used to travel to the planet you are currently reclaiming. Only 2 members of its crew are active on the ship. Most of the crew is currently in cryogenic sleep at an unknown location. It has several points of interest at the moment, only 3 of which actually pertain to the habitation effort.

Points of Interest Edit

Transport Bay Edit


The starting point for the Jaded's land claiming crew, the Transport Bay holds the 6 drop pods that lead to each of the biodomes on the planet. Mirabelle is in charge of deployment, so she helps new members to choose a team to join.

Situation Room Edit


A command center of sorts, the Situation Room is responsible for overseeing the land reclamation project. In the center of the room lies the scan controller and a world map. By using the scanner, crew members can find out how much of the dreaded purple biomass remains on the planet's surface. The map displays the infected regions while the meters represent the percentage of each biome free of infection. Captain Shiitake works in this room, and he instructs you on how to use the scanner and print badges to show your progress.

Warp Chamber Edit


Home to the Jaded's main teleporter, crew members can use it to access any warp points that they have previously visited on the planet's surface, including their own biodome. The colonist drop computer resides in this area of the ship, but he will not start colonizing the planet until it has been cleared of all tainted land.

Central Power Edit


Spanning all three decks in the center of the ship, a large reactor provides power to the Jaded and its crew. It does not serve a purpose as of yet. Perhaps one day the reactor could be of use to you? Until then, it is quite the magnificent landmark on the ship and serves as an example of architectural ingenuity.

Hall of Fame Edit


Found in the rear of Deck A, the Hall of Fame chronicles the men and women who played vital roles in Blightfall's inspiration, development, and maintenance.

Storage Pods Edit


On Deck C, there are four unmarked rooms with iron doors in place. Crew members are welcome to use them as storage or even as a living quarters until they are renovated in the future. Please avoid changing the walls and floor, however, as breaking any part of the ship is forbidden by current laws.