The Spice of Life adds a diminishing returns to the hunger system. Each time the same food is eaten, its hunger and saturation values are reduced and it takes longer and longer to consume. Each reduction lasts for 200 hunger. The only food not affected by diminishing returns is the Emergency Nutrient Bar.

Food Variety Edit

Because this mod encourages dietary variety, it is designed to work with Pam's HarvestCraft, which has a greater selection of foods and ingredients than in Vanilla Minecraft.

Requesting seeds (-2 Rep) from Driskel is essential to ensuring dietary variety, especially in the early-game.

Eventually, Mobs may spawn in your dome, giving you the opportunity to farm and cull for meat, milk and eggs, thus adding to your menu. Alternatively, you could request spawn eggs (-3 Rep) from Driskel. Just be careful; he may give you a hostile mob instead.